Glosater – Toxicological Glossary

Glossary of toxicological terms IUPAC (Duffus et al. 1993)

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Abbreviations used in the text to indicate relationships between terms, or their nature.

adj.: adjetive ant.: antonym, opposite m. est.: more strict m. gral.: more general n.: noun sin.: synonym sin. inc.: incorrect synonym sin. p.: partial synonym t. rel.: related termsee. esp.: contribution of the Spanish version.


Recommendations of IUPAC-1993
Coordinated by J.H. DUFFUS
Working Group: S.S. Brown; Fernicola;P. Grandjean;R.F. Herber;C.R. Morris; J.A. Sokal

Collaborators: W.N. Aldridge; D.H. Bangham; R.E. Bareiss; C. Bismuth; J.C. Bollinger; A. Cavalleri; J. Molin Christensen; T.M.M. Coenen; L.E. Coles; A. Cornish-Bowden; A.T. Costello; A.D. Dayan; P. de Bièvre, J. Debord; H.B.F. Dixon; H.V. Ellis III; G. Ferard; R.J. Flanagan; D.M. Gott; P.F. Headley; B. Heinzow; R.J. Hemingway; H.P.A. Illing; M. Jakubowski; J.O. Järvisalo; Chen Jisheng; Kaew Kangsadalampai; D. Kello; W.H. Könemann; P. Kratochvil; K. Kuchitsu; G. Lachâtre; A. Lamberty; M. Lauritzen; M.S. Madiwale; E. Magid; I.M. Mills; N. Montalbetti (deceased); C.R. Krishna Murti (deceased); M. Okagawa; H. Olesen; D.V. Parke; K.K. Parker; O.M. Poulsen; R. Plestina; P. Preziosi; J. Prokes; W.C. Purdy; S. Rendic; M. Repetto; J.C. Rigg; D.M. Rutherford; E. Smith; H. Smith; W.G. Temple; D. Templeton; J.S. Thompson; A.J. Thor; E.M. den Tonkelaar; D. Tonks; H. Vainio; F. Weber; M.I. Weitzner; H. Worth
(Pure and Appl. Chem 1993, 65, 9, 2003-2122)

Extended Spanish Version

Authors: M. Repetto and P. Sanz
Collaborators: C. Jury; M. López-Artíguez; M. Menéndez; E. de la Peña

© 1993 IUPAC – © 1995 AET

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