The Spanish Association of Toxicology has fostered the creation of various discussion forums related to different toxicological aspects that work independently thanks to the technical support provided by RedIRIS, The Spanish Academic Network of R + D + I.

In 2002, the Spanish Association of Toxicology became a Collaborating Entity of FARMATOXI- A Virtual Community of Pharmacology and Toxicology.

FARMATOXI aims to facilitate contact and group work among those interested in the study of kinetics and the beneficial and adverse effects of chemical and physical agents (medications, contaminants, radiation, etc.) on living beings.

To facilitate this, users have,free of charge , a series of tools that allow them to overcome spatial and temporal barriers, and foster efficient collaboration between administrations, institutions, scientific societies, research centres and companies. These resources include the availability of a shared space, updated databases of members, or the so-called group work tool via WEB (BSCW). In addition, it is possible to carry out virtual meetings such as text conferences via WEB (chat), the creation of bulletin boards, the exhibition of electronic journals, coordination through distribution lists and the organization of virtual conferences.

Currently FARMATOXI has three distribution lists, which interested parties can register on independently:

  • TOXICOL, Toxicology Forum created in 1998.
  • FARMACOL, Pharmacology Forum, created in 1999.
  • 3ERRES, Forum of Alternatives to Animal Experimentation, created in 1996.